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Raw Plant-Based Pistachio Pie
Raw Plant-Based Pistachio Pie

Raw Plant-Based Pistachio Pie

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Pistachio Wild Flower Honey Pies are back!!

These pies are packed full of nutrients so you can maximize all the health benefits. They are white refined sugar free and dairy free plant based vegan raw desserts that are decadent, delicious and are made to order. 

Raw plant based pie comes with crust and filling.

Pistachio Wild Flower Honey Ingredients:
Fresh squeezed orange
Wild flower organic honey
Coconut oil

Crust Ingredients:

Directions: Pour crust into spring pan, use the back of a spoon to press it down. Then pour room temperature filling over crust. Chill in fridge over night.

Note: You may need to take pie filling out and re-blend in food processor or whip with a mixer as natural ingredients may separate or become solid.

From our kitchen to yours! Enjoy!