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The Feast Gold Mine Box (2022)

The Feast Gold Mine Box (2022)

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Please only 1 Feast Gold Mine Box per order.

This year's limited edition The Feast Gold Mine Box includes:

- Herb citrus rub
- Cranberry mandarin sauce
- Candied ginger corn bread mix
- Garden Dressing mix
- 4 cheese truffle Mac sauce
- Carrot yam soufflé
- Herb infused veggie Gravy

 Additional add-on available:
- All natural red velvet cake mix  (additional $15) or peach cobbler ($20)
Red velvet cake mix is organic and refined sugar free. It is colored with beets and cocoa and sweetened with coconut palm sugar.

From our kitchen to yours! Enjoy!


You have ingredients
So Rehydrate corn in a cup of water. Once soft drain water and pat dry
In a skillet 6 to 9 inch pan butter liberally
Preheat oven to 350
2 cups mixture
2 eggs
1 heap mayo (optional)
1 cup milk
1 stick melted butter
Mix all together
Pour into skillet and bake 30 to 40 min or until golden brown


In a 7 to 9 inch baking pan melt one stick of butter
This is the pan you will bske in
In a bowl
One cup mixture
3/4 cup milk
Mix together until there are no lumps
Pour your batter into the pan with the butter
Open peach jar and spoon peaches on top of batter
Use all juices and contents of jar. Distribute evenly.
The Crust will rise over the fruit
Bake until solid and golden brown. Serve a la mode