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Gold Mine Life kit box (Essential beauty)

Gold Mine Life kit box (Essential beauty)

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Essential Box contains

Skin Food is an organic anti aging face cream with BACKUCHIOL that also contains Nilotica Shea, Bakuchiol Oil, Royal Jelly, Baobab Oil, Cucumber Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Algae Oil, Green Tea and Carrot Seed.

Algae is great for hydrating, revitalizing and toning the skin. It can also help eliminate acne, cellulite and wrinkles, by improving the skin's elasticity.

Natural Glow body butter is all organic and cold pressed, hand mixed and whipped. It contains Nilotica Shea butter from Uganda, Coco butter, Argan oil, Jojoba, Vitamin E oil, Sunflower oil, Rosehip, Orange oil, Bergamot oil, royal jelly, baobab oil, tamanu oil, andiroba oil, and gardenia oil.

Rosehip and turmeric cold pressed organic face oil.

Luster & Glow hair oil contains Aragon oil, Avocado oil, Fractionated coconut oil, Castor oil, Black seed cumin oil, Olive oil, Geranium oil, Jasmine oil, Rosemary oil, Turmeric oil

Brain food 
Ingredients: Lions mane, rhodiola, chaga, cordyceps, turkey tail, reishi, shiitake, cocoa, dehydrated coconut milk, cinnamon, maca, date powder, maitake

Berry Lip Treatment - Lip Balm

Immune booster Tea:Noni, Barley Grass, tryphila, Moringa, Mangosteen, Ginko Leaf Powder, Tart Cherry, Tangerine, Dates, Shiitake, Reishi

mushroom plum whipped split end hair styling cream

Why mushrooms?

Mushrooms are beneficial for your hair in many ways. 
- They contain copper which facilitates the absorption of iron from food. Copper and iron work together to promote strong healthy hair.
- They may also help to reduce graying, because they help to promote melanin (a pigment) in your hair
- Reishi mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory compounds which can help strengthen fragile hair. They also improve blood circulation in your scalp which promotes hair growth.

All ingredients in this product are all organic and cold pressed.

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