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African Box

African Box

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-AFRICAN BLACK SOAP FACE WASH: Wash face morning and evening before applying your rosehip & turmeric & skin food ( Great for sensitive skin, and deep cleansing, 

-CHEBE CHEBE HAIR GROWTH SHAMPOO : quarter size in your hand rinse hair with lukewarm water, start at the root and work through to the ends, leave for 1-2 minutes, rinse and repeat one more time.( Promote hair growth, strengthen hair follicles) 

-AFRICAN SEAMOSS GEL : 1tsp-3tsp into your morning smoothie or take alone, as you prefer, make part of your daily routine (Boost the immune system, improve digestion, and promote healthy skin and hair, provides iodine, and tyrosine, support a healthy thyroid, boost good bacteria in the gut, improve energy & metabolism)


-AFRICAN BODY POLISH: Lather your body in a circular motion to exfoliate dead skin and polish your skin to baby soft smooth.(African black soap, dead sea salt, shea butter, are the main ingredients and are all working to smooth and buff your skin)

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