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Bounty & Full

Necklace: Moonlight and the Rainbow (Rose Gold Plated Polki Diamond)

Necklace: Moonlight and the Rainbow (Rose Gold Plated Polki Diamond)

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Jewelry is handmade and sourced by Kelis through her travels for Bounty & Full. Genuine pearls from the South Pacific seas.  

This necklace features peachy colored pearls with a rose gold plated, antique Indian polki diamond. Includes 14k gold clasp.

Jewelry features natural gemstones and pearls. Colors may vary.

What Are Polki Diamonds?
The book Traditional Jewelry of India by Oppi Untract describes Polki as an uncut diamond with one flat side and the other cut to a taper or point. It can mount to either side, but is usually mounted with the non-flat side face up. Polki diamonds are not traditionally shaped into round or oval cuts and do not feature precisely cut facets. The rough form of the stone determines the shaping of the Polki diamond. They may be polished or lightly faceted by machine. Each piece of Polki diamond jewelry is unique. Due to the shaping process, the sparkle of Polki diamonds feels softer than traditionally faceted diamonds.

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