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Reset and Clarify Beauty Bundle

Reset and Clarify Beauty Bundle

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Our skin is our largest organ. It protects us and combats all the elements daily. Our pores become clogged and over stressed with pollution, make up, weather, sun damage and everything else life throws our way.

This brand new Reset and Clarify beauty bundle includes:

- Activated charcoal cleanser
- Rhassoul charcoal face mask
- Black lava salt, coconut ash, lemon rind polish

Activated charcoal cleanser:
The activated charcoal and tea tree pulls out impurities so your skin can shine and glow like it's supposed to. Rhassoul clay has been used for centuries by indigenous people around the world to smooth, tighten and purify skin.

Rhassoul charcoal face mask:
A little goes a long way. Take one half tsp of face mask and add one tsp of water to create a paste. Spread a thin layer over face. Let it dry half way and then rinse with luke warm water. You should do this 2 to 3 times a week to maintain skin balance for oily skin types.

Black lava salt, coconut ash, lemon rind polish:
Exfoliate and polish with black lava salt and coconut ash, to soften and smooth out skin tired or dueling complexion.

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