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Viva La Flor (SOLD OUT)

Viva La Flor (SOLD OUT)

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Colombia Wayuu Mochila
Large 12x12 bag with shoulder strap
Each bag is unique and one of a kind. These bags are handmade by artisan craftswomen in different regions of Colombia that I have visited over the years. They are vibrant and special just like the hands that made them. Perfect for trips to the beach, grocery store errands, or drinks out with the girls. The beautiful work womanship and colors drew me in right away. I know this bag will do the same for you.

100% Colombia cotton. Handmade with love, Colombian style. Handpicked and imported directly from Colombia. The color may vary slightly from the photo, depending on the monitor where it’s seen.
Please allow 3- 5 days to process orders.
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